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Looking to refresh your mood? Come visit us at o2Haus! As the only Oxygen Studio in New Braunfels, you'll receive a relaxing chair massage in one of our zero-gravity massage pods at no additional cost!

Oxygen Studio

Oxygen is critical for cellular health.  Responsible for 90% of your body's energy, it also comprises 96% of your body's nutritional needs.  With proper oxygen intake, your body is able to absorb nutrients, heal from injuries more efficiently, and maintain a strong immune system.  However, it is significantly more difficult to absorb enough oxygen today.  Our air is significantly more polluted than in previous eras, causing toxic stress, which requires additional use of oxygen for detoxification.  Additionally, there has been an increase in the average daily amount of stress hormones produced, which also depletes oxygen reserves.  Finally, increased acid in our diets causes the production of hydrogen ions, which causes the body to use up oxygen in an attempt to become more alkaline.

Our 30-minute Oxygen Studio treatment heightens cellular process, reduces stress hormones, and even combats nasty hangovers after an over-indulgent night of fun. The air we normally breathe only contains about 21% oxygen, and our therapy delivers an impressive 95% of pure oxygen! We also have hand-selected more than a dozen custom aromas that can be combined with Oxygen Studio to further enhance the experience. The price for a 30-minute session is $29; a 20-minute session costs $22.  We also offer a pre-paid punch card which includes 10 sessions for $175. 


Zero Gravity Massage Pods


All o2Haus treatments include our luxurious Zero Gravity Massage Pods, which were developed using NASA technology to improve spinal decompression. When reclined fully to where your legs are higher than your heart level, the therapeutic effects may be felt immediately. Airbag technology gently eases tension out of your legs and your back. There is no additional charge for the zero gravity experience - this special treatment is included with all of our Oxygen Studio Treatments!  Enjoy a standalone Zero Gravity Massage Pod session (without oxygen therapy) for $14.

Our Haus + Your Haus

We are now booking off-site oxygen events featuring our oxygen spa aromatherapy treatments and introducing Virtual Reality (VR) Goggles for the ultimate relaxing experience, right in the comfort of your own home or office!  Starting at just $150 up to $300 - call or text 830-214-6444 to book your private oxygen party today!


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