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We accept appointments 7 days/week, between the hours of 10am - 8pm.  Just scroll up and click to book your appointment online.  After Hours Appointments and Special Events are available upon request - just call/text us 830.214.6444 to schedule your spot!

So, what IS an Oxygen Bar? 

At o2Haus, the experience is unique for a few reasons. We deliver 95% pure Oxygen (much higher concentration than the 21% that we generally breathe). The Oxygen is then carefully diffused through distilled water with all water-based aromas.  We work with the world's #1 recreational oxygen manufacturer, and our clients leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and with a positive mood. The most common response from our clients is that they feel like they just got the best night's sleep after only 20-30 minutes with our treatments.

So, now let's talk about the fun stuff - the things that make o2Haus unique and fresh.

1. Our legendary massage chairs can take you from mild to wild. Some of our clients prefer it rough, and some prefer a very soft back massage chairs. When you come for the first time, we'll ask you a series of questions to make sure that you're comfortable in the chairs for the entire visit. Funny story, when we opened back in March of 2016 I would hear some odd noises coming from the rooms and rush in to make sure everything was going well. Turns out that the noises were happy noises that work to get those frustrating knots out of our backs.

2. Our walls are covered with beautiful artwork, all from local New Braunfels-area artists.  Check out to see a few samples!  All 30+ pieces are for sale, with prices ranging from $15 for a small cube to $335 for large, multi-dimensional pieces.  ALL of them are beautiful, and we are grateful to our gracious artists who help make o2Haus beautiful. 

3. When you're here, please take a moment to peruse through my eclectic record collection. Simon & Garfunkel, The Carpenters, Moody Blues, Adele, The Doobie Brothers, Rolling Stones, Rachmaninoff, Lady Gaga, Selena, and my personal favorites...Supertramp. We have iPhones with listening speakers for each client, but all the good stuff is on LP's with a record player to use in the reception area. Few things beat a 30-minute Oxygen Session, listening along with the greatest artists of generations both younger and older than yours and mine.

4. BYOB (adult or otherwise) is allowed, and encouraged.  Obviously we have to ask that you please drink responsibly. :)

5. Most importantly, the element that makes o2Haus 1-of-a-kind is what our team brings to make sure you have fun - because we want you to come back to see us again!

6.  Be sure to check out our o2Haus updates, and to follow our social media accounts.  #JustParty #JustBreathe


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